Supporting the vulnerable communities

Maloti Foundation provides vulnerable communities with the necessary
resources and skills to improve their standard of living.

Organizational Background

In order to address our society’s current issues and the pandemic, we as a foundation have decided to collaborate with the government, private institutions and other businesses. Our objective is to provide assistance in such a way that allows us to fulfill multiple tasks in order to combat the many challenges present. To this end, the foundation has divided its resources in order to effectively carry out these responsibilities.

Our research has revealed that the majority of beneficiaries in South-Africa are coming from disadvantaged communities with limited economic opportunities. Research suggests that this ultimately leads to an increase in criminal activity, as people seek to fulfill their immediate needs. As such, we must strive to ensure these individuals have the resources necessary to succeed.

South Africa’s success as a nation relies on the collective effort of its people, companies, and government. The South African Constitution grants citizens access to essential services and freedom to empower themselves through seeking support, sponsorship, funds, and donations to benefit those in need. Malo is an organization that works to enhance society by utilizing their expertise, skillsets and specialized abilities in service of a better future for all.

Maloti Foundation has recently achieved its goal of bringing a variety of opportunities, as well as enterprise development, to rural communities. Like the famous proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”, our mission is to build an environment where everyone can grow and thrive. We are proud to have been able to expand our reach and create more meaningful impact in these communities.

Donating can help those in need, can advance important causes, and can make a difference in the world.

Our Values

The underlying corporate values underpinning the organization approach of Maloti Foundation incorporate the following


Quality Service


Mr Lota Simon Matlhare.


Ms Manthwadi Motau.


Ms. Tintswalo Louisa Makhubele

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